IoT Operations Center Software Engineer (251-109)

This is an opportunity to be part of a world-class team at the nexus of two of the most exciting developments in energy today ? big, real-time data and energy storage.
Stem creates innovative technology services that transform the way energy is distributed and consumed. Stem's mission is to build and operate the largest digitally-connected energy storage network for our customers. Our world-class analytics will optimize the value of customer's energy assets and facilitate their participation in energy markets, yielding economic and societal benefits while decarbonizing the grid. We create automated, price-responsive systems that enable C&I customers to predict and control electricity costs and capture savings in a rapidly-evolving utility landscape. The Stem system combines predictive analytics and advanced energy storage with a high-fidelity software user interface. By buffering spikes in energy usage, Stem also reduces the impact of the C&I customer on the utility grid and enables better grid citizenship. Through innovation in technology and financing, our goal is to optimize the relationships between energy providers and consumers.
Required Skills
You have extensive experience with system operations management principals and processes
You have hands-on experience working in or with IoT Operations Centers
The concepts of designing, developing, testing and deploying internal operations software applications are familiar to you.
You can demonstrate advanced proficiency in Python, C++, Java or any other modern language that is commonly used in back-end services
You have used SQL and NoSQL datastore (e.g. DynamoDB, Mysql, Presto, Postgres, InfluxDB, Cassandra, S3, etc.)
You know how to utilize APIs or RESTful endpoints and know JSON
You have hands on experience with Linux and Docker based environments
You are well-organized, care about the details and take pride in finishing your deliverable commitments.
You can prioritize personal work assignments
You have demonstrated ability to define and manage sub-contracted software development projects
You are excited by working cross-functionally with Product Development, Program Operations and Customer Operations teams to understand requirements/constraints and create solutions
Skills that will help you:
You have hands-on experience with IoT device monitoring & management tools (such as VMware, Icinga, Nagios, etc.) and how to integrate them into an Operations Center environment
You have worked with data visualization tools such as Tableau, Grafana, Graphite, etc.
Big Data Analytics is not just a hype-word ? you have advanced experience with frameworks for large-scale data processing.
You have experience developing cloud-based environments and use of Amazon Web Services
You understand basic testing procedures and how to apply them to project work
You have knowledge of configuration management practices
You are familiar with agile project management
Required Experience
At least a Bachelor's degree (Masters preferred)
A minimum of 4 years of relevant operational software development experience
Professional interest in energy and clean technologies

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